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  Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart- Dog Longevity and Anti-Aging

All natural, all-in-one suplement for older dogs.  Great for skin and coat, joint issues and general canine wellness.
Young at Heart...The all natural all in one supplement for senior dogs.

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AN-YAH-4.0 Animal Naturals Young At Heart- 4 lbs Jug
AN-YAH-7 Animal Naturals Young At Heart- 7 lb Bag
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Turn back the clock? While humans live longer than ever, some dog breeds seem to die younger. Young at Heart uses new "life extension" advances with the goal of returning your dog's metabolism to that in its prime.

Young AT Heart Longevity and Anti-Aging Formula

  • Combat muscle loss and support joints- Reverse muscle loss associated with aging(sarcopenia). Reversing muscle loss boots metabolism, strengthens joints and resistance and helps avoid your dog becoming a "shadow of its former self".
  • Restore healthy water balance- Hydrate older canine bodies, optimizing cellular water balance. "Volumizing" cells creates favorable metabolism for optimal health.
  • Support mental function- Phosphytidylserine and other nutrients are sugested to favorably influence age related cognitive decline (A.R.C.D.).
  • Enhance digestion and absorption- Partially predigested calories used in elite medical and sports foods reduce stomach distress in older animals, while boosting uptake.
  • Support eye and healthy heart- Antioxidants litein, zeaxanthin and other related phyto-factors have been demonstrated to support macular (eye) health. Co Q10, ribose and others may assist heart finction in older animals.



Life Force Proteins ™
  • Cooked chicken
  • Partially pre-digested zero lactose total milk protein
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Taurine
  • Life Force Lipids- Chicken fat
  • beef fat, rice bran
  • high-oleic sunflower oil
  • virgin olive oil
  • MCTs(Medium chain Triglycerides)
  • Plant derived DHA
  • L-Carnitine


Life Force Carbohydrates

  • Glucose Polymers
  • Resistant Starch


Life Force Antioxidants

  • Cruciferous Vegetable mix powder
  • Alfalfa powder
  • dried tomato powder
  • Cabbage Leaf powder
  • whole leaf barley grass extract
  • FOS (fructo-oligosacchararides)
  • Freeze dried blueberry powder
  • Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder
  • Decaffeinated green tea extract
  • Citrus Bioflavinoids
  • Cranberry Fruit powder
  • Freeze Dried Carrot Powder
  • Freeze dried broccoli powder
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin


Life Force Vigor Vitamins and Minerals

  • Natural Calcium from whey Isolate
  • Calcium Citrate Malate
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Potassium iodide
  • Choline bitartrate
  • Vitamin E
  • Pyridoxine HCL
  • Inositol
  • Di- calcium phosphate
  • Copper gluconate
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Folic acid
  • Dimethylprimidinol sulfate (source of vitamin K)
  • Thiamin monohydrate
  • Calcium lactate
  • Paba
  • Over 80 trace minerals as naturally occuring in colloidal polysilicates
  • Life Force Mental and Heart- L Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Actyl-L-Carnitine
  • Co Q10
  • Ribose


Life Force Muscle Protectors

  • Creatine monohydrate
  • L- Carnosine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L- Valine
  • LifeForce Joint Support-D-glucosamine hydrochloride
  • MSM
  • Chondroitin sulfate
  • Hyaluronic acid


LifeForce Digest-All

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus casei
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus latis
  • Lipase Amylolytic
  • Betagulcanase
  • Hemicellulase
  • Protease
  • Galatosidase


The Commitment To a Healthy Planet, Healthy Pets

As never before, consumers seek natural foods for themselves, their pets and to support the health of our planet. They recognize healthy people and pets depend upon a healthy earth. ANIMAL NATURALS is the preeminent pet line using human-grade nutrition with over 20 years success in natural nutrition. We are a “green” company that stresses recycling and conservation. ANIMAL NATURALS gives consumers the best in natural pet care while treating the earth with respect.

  1. Proven Effectiveness :Two decades of unparalleled success in Olympics, pro sports, police dog and other grueling arenas prove our formulas the gold standard to which others are compared. Each strengthens metabolic weak links for a specific stage of life. New natural healing formulas rival prescription drugs.

  2. Natural Ingredients :Beyond natural, beyond organic are “evofoods” that recreate evolutionary diets. In 1981, we originated evofoods and have improved them to a higher degree than anybody. Incredible smell and taste from the finest whole foods and extracts are unrivaled in the industry. No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

  3. Recyclable :Packaging materials are blends of recycled and/or recyclable, biodegradable materials. Food ingredients are from sustainably grown, renewable stocks. We never knowingly use depleted, high conservation or endangered sources.

  4. State-of-the-Art Science :For 20 years, we’ve created-then improved-the most advanced products in the world. Scientists help scan hundreds of medical journals for new breakthroughs in natural medicine, sports science, etc. to make products evermore powerful and cost effective.

  5. Clean Production :We go the added step to produce under strict GMP standards. We believe you should not feed your pet any ingredient you would not eat yourself, or from a packaging facility you would not eat in.



NATURAL USED TO MEAN LAST PLACE. When I began creating human and canine foods, natural was code for “ineffective”. Natural nutrition just wasn’t effective; natural athletes lost to druggies. Natural bodybuilders looked like scrawny kids next to druggies. In drug tested contests, performance levels fell dramatically.

To insiders, natural was a joke.

22 years later, natural foods I helped develop make today’s human and canine athletes leaner, faster and stronger. Improvements in power, strength and endurance are almost beyond belief. These products allow athletes to train harder, more often. The day to day difference in accelerating recovery and reducing muscle damage exceed even performance drugs. As proof, natural athletes tested for drugs actually beat drugged athletes and shatter old drug records.

Natural is no longer a joke.

Literally millions of athletes have set new levels of personal performance using these breakthroughs.

How did these products grow to eclipse drugs and power virtually every modern athlete? Renowned scientists from local universities Stanford and Berkeley helped. So did pro athletes and dogs to test on. But the real key to ongoing innovation of these natural products was not science, but Nature. Unlocking more hidden genetic potential required a fresh look at the evolutionary design of humans and canines.

By coaxing Nature’s DNA secrets from the human, canine and equine body, my past products have changed the rules for drug-free performance. But my newest products surpass everything that’s gone before, in my opinion. These formulas contain power and safety impossible just a few years ago. Since increased performance is founded on health, overall health is raised.

And my new therapeutics make natural healing a reality. Until now, natural remedies for pets were even more of a joke than nutrition used to be. A nice idea that just did not work.

My new healing formulas rival prescription drugs effectiveness, yet are 100% natural…and cost less!

22 years ago, I transformed natural from a joke into a revolution, changing sports forever. It’s hard to find a serious athlete who has not raised performance and health through the use of these products. Everyday, throughout the world, Professional, Olympic and other athletes use these formulas to compete against—and beat—drugged athletes.


Below is a partial list of these landmark products.

UNIPRO: Marketing Manager,
November 1982 to January 1987.


  • AMINO 1000 ™ First sports nutrition application of milk protein peptide-free form amino acids mixtures.
  • Created Professional and Olympic Athlete Research Program.


  • CARBOPLEX ™ First sports nutrition application of glucose polymers.
  • LIPOPLEX ™ First sports nutrition application of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides).
  • OXYGIZER ™ First American sports nutrition application of alpha ketoglutarate (PAK: Pyridoxal 5 phosphate alpha ketoglutarate).


  • BCAAS ™ First American sports nutrition application of branched-chain amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine)
  • CREATINE 1500 ™ First American sports nutrition application of creatine.


  • JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCE First sports science abstract review for non-scientists.
  • First sports nutrition advisory board of multi-disciplinary front-line researchers.
  • First American research study of PAK: co-design of experimental protocol.


  • High school football workout book with Howie Long and Lyle Alzado, 39 pg.
  • PAK study presented at ACSM American College of Sports Medicine).



Director of Sales and Marketing,
January 1987 to January 1990


  • MUSCLE N2ITRO ™ First American sports nutrition succinate application; Point of sale literature, print ad.


  • POWER PASTA ™ First sports nutrition application of protein/carbohydrate enriched pasta. Label, point of sale literature, print ad.
  • METABOLOL II ™ First L-lactate enhanced Optimizer: research, label and ad copy.
  • CYTOMAX ™ STUDY # 1 Co-design of experimental protocol.
  • METABOLOL II STUDY # 1 Co-design of experimental protocol.


  • CYTOMAX STUDY # 2 Co-design of experimental protocol.
  • METABOLOL II STUDY # 2 Co-design of experimental protocol.
  • CYTOMAX ™ First sports nutrition application of concentrated L-lactates.
  • CYTOMAX STUDY # 1 Presented study at International Sports Congress, Leningrad USSR via Dr. Thomas Fahey.



January 1990 to 2000.


  • METABOLOL II STUDY # 1 Presented study at ACSM via Dr. Fahey.
  • METABOLOL II STUDY # 2 Presented study at ACSM via Dr. Fahey.
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE ™ First commercial canine sports nutrition supplement.
  • STEROIDS AND DOGS HANDBOOK Academic review, 50 pg.


  • HOME ANABOLIC KIT ™ First sports nutrition application of Nitrogen
    Balance testing. FDA approved, patented.
  • MUSCLE CHEM ™ Advanced Optimizer.
  • MAXIMIZE ™ Advanced Amino Acid.
  • STEROID ALTERNATIVE HANDBOOK Co-author with Dr. Thomas Fahey, 197 pg.


  • WEIDER HOME ANABOLIC KIT Second generation.
  • PRE FLEX HYPERDRIVE ™ First effervescent version of L-lactate supplement.
  • N2ITRO FIRE ™ Nitrogen balance optimizing powder.
  • POST FLEX PM ™ Pre-sleep anti-catabolic formula.


  • ELITE ATHLETE TESTING SERVICE First mail-in steroid hormone lab testing.
  • Developed 7 Products for GEN LINC.


  • POWER JERKY ™ First USDA approved, all natural nutritionally fortified jerky for athletes.
  • PEAK CONDITION Sports supplement for dogs.


  • CORT BUSTER ™ First commercial sports nutrition application of
    phosphatidylserine as oral cortisol antagonist. Patent pending.


  • PEAK GROW ™ First commercial reproduction of canine bitch milk.


  • POWER MEAT ™ First commercial mixture of USDA human grade wild meats and PEAK 2.
  • PEAK STRIDE ™ Joint mobility canine enhancer.
  • PEAK SENIOR ™ Anti-aging canine formula.
  • FAST TWITCH ™ Sprint dog (greyhound) formula.


  • PEAK EQUINE ™ Race horse supplement.
  • PERFORMANCE DOG MAGAZINE Magazine devoted to performance dogs.
  • MUSCLE MILK ™ First human bodybuilding product based on human milk profile.
  • ENDOCRE3 ™ First endogenous creatine formula with glycocyamine.



2002 to Present.

  • MUSCLEJACK ™ First commercial use of Longifolia.
  • EVOBODYBUILDING ™ Natural diet and workouts based on the inner cavemen in modern humans, 116 pages.
  • CARNIVORE COOKIES ™ Fortified gourmet “superbiscuit” using Rhodiola and other functional foods.
  • FEEL FULL ™ Appetite suppressant using nutrients to raise body’s own feel full hormone, CCK.
  • SHOW & GO ™ Performance and appearance natural equine product.
  • JOINT RE-GEN ™ First human commercial activated glucosamine topical spray.
  • COOL SPOT ™ First 100% natural commercial spray to guarantee total recovery from hot spots.



  1. Amino Acids (Whey peptide/casein free-form).
  2. BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids).
  3. Complex Carbohydrate Powders (CARBOPLEX, etc).
  4. MCTs.
  5. Alpha KetoGlutarates.
  6. L-lactate Polymers (CYTOMAX, etc).
  7. Home Anabolic Kits.
  8. Defined Predigested Meals for Dogs.
  9. Mail-In Hormone Tests.
  10. Sport Jerky (POWER JERKY, etc).
  11. Drug-Free Cortisol Antagonists.
  12. Glucose Polymer/Amino Acid Fortified Pasta.
  13. Human Grade Canine Metabolic Optimizers.
  14. Human Breast Milk Analogs (MUSCLE MILK).
  15. Endogenous Creatine Synthesizer (ENDOCREATINE).
  16. Freeze dried raw meat with daily RDAs (POWERMEAT).
  17. Super fortified gourmet meat dog biscuits (CARNIVORE COOKIES)
  18. Longifolia testosterone prohormone. (MUSCLEJACK).
  19. Topical hyaluronate spray (JOINT RE-GEN).



  • 50 + National articles.
  • 7 Newsletters.
  • Publisher, PERFORMANCE DOG
  • 50 + Brochures.
  • 75 + National print ads.
  • 3 radio ads.
  • 4 Books.
  • 1 Infomercial, LEAN SOLUTION.



  • 2 issued.
  • 3 pending.

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K9 young at heart April 24, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I have two 12 yr. old dogs.  I have been giving this product to them on the advice of my vet.  they are very healthy, hoping they stay that way.

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Repeat buyer January 22, 2013
Reviewer: Roy Bales from Plano, TX United States  
Been buying from this company, this product for many years. Great value and shipping

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GREAT STUFF .... K9 Young At Heart- Dog August 2, 2012
Reviewer: Patrice Markham from Kettle Falls, WA United States  
Animal Naturals makes some of the best dog & cat products on the market.  I have been buying them for many years for my cats & dogs.  Visable results fast & the animals love the stuff.  Also quality I can always depend on.  Always fast s/h & great service from Healthy Planet Rx & best prices too.   Healthy happy dogs & cats equal very little vet bills

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0 April 19, 2012
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K9 Young at Heart March 4, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
you have the best price on this product.  delivered in a very short time, no problems.

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