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Selecting the right breeder is the most important aspect of buying a puppy.  In today's crazy world there are still breeders that are in business becasue they truly love the breed and the sport.  Others unfortunately, are in it for the love of money.  Don't make a decision based on a pretty looking website with "buzzwords" like over sized puppies, world champions, ultimate puppies, etc.  You must take the time to do your research.  I say this because after 30 years of owning German Shepherds, we recently made a mistake that caused up a great deal of heartache.  We got "sucked into the hype" and made a very poor decision to buy two puppies from am unethical breeder who has a facility full of trophies and ribbons.

Before you even consider buying a puppy, please study the breeder code of ethic posted on the AKC site or any of the specific breed web sites.  You can also look on the following two sites that offer excellent information about all breeds.

The German Shepherd web site:  Anything you could ever want to know about German Shepherds

The Pedigree Data Base-  Information on all breeds, pedigrees, etc

German Shepherd Breeders we recommend:

Patchwork German Shepherds- Beautiful dogs, awesome people, awesome customer support.
Alta TollHaus German Shepherds-  Great people, great dogs!  They are committed to breed excellence and their customers.
Huerta Hof German Shepherds- Great people that stand behind their dogs.  They love the breed and their customers.

German Shepherd Breeders we DO NOT recommend

Mittelwest Kennels- A high volume breeder that could have as many as 50 puppies in  the ground at any time.  They do breed some champions, but our experience with Mittelwest was tragic.  Please read about our story by clicking on Mittelwest.

As we get to know more breeders personally, we will add them to the list.

Please contact me at,  if we can be of any assistance.