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Welcome to our News and Articles page where you will find various information on health related issues for pets and people. Please check back often as we update this page frequently. Please visit our new site, specializing exclusively in canine performance supplements.

Canine/Feline Health

1. Lyme Disease

2. What's Behind Doggie Breath?

3. Vitamin C and its Role in Stress Management, Bone Metabolism and its Influence on the Skin and Coat of the Dog

4. The $4.4 Million Puppy Mill Scandal

5. H.I.T. and Run your Dog to Success

6. Canine Heartworm

7.Chocolate Poisoning

8. Bloat

9. Understanding Healing Episodes

10. The Energetics of Immunization and Vaccinations

11. The Inside Truth on Pet Food and Supplements

12."Scooting" May Mean Signs of Trouble

14. Determing the best age to neuter or spay

Hip and Joint/Arthritis Articles

1. Glucosamine and Osteoarthritis

2. Effective Treatment for Canine Hip Dysplasia

3. Want Healthy Joints?

4. The Truth About Rimadyl Side Effects...Dangerous and Deadly

5. Most Arthritic Dogs Do Well on This Drug...Except the Ones that Die

6. The Types of Arthritis in Pets

7. Natural Arthritis Relief for Pets

8. Glucosamine

9. What is Hip Dysplasia?

10. Canine Anesthesia Concerns

Pet Food Articles

1. Food For Thought

2. What's in Pet Food

3. AAFCO Ingredient Guidelines

4. Food Quality for Your Pet

5. Interpreting Pet Food Labels

6. Chocolate Poisoning

7. Polluted Pet Food

8. Killing our Pets With Every Meal

9. FDA Report on Phenobarbitol in Pet Food

Saying Goodbye to our Companions

1. Death: A Quantum Dose Healing Episode for All

2. The Rainbow Bridge

Senior Dogs

1. Caring for Your Senior Dog

Animal Supplements

1. The Canine Athlete

2. Creatine and the Natural Dog Diet

3. Why Your Pet Needs Supplements More Than You

4. Steroids- The Great Pretender

5. The Best Kept Secret of Health

6. The Science of Canine Supplements

7. Why Your Pet Needs Supplements More than You!

Human Health and Nutrition (Coming Soon)

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